The report says, when you need to sell your house you need to bury the statue of St. Joseph upside down. When the house sells you can dig it up. If you don’t have a statue of St. Joseph, you can shop for “St. Joseph home seller kit“.

St. Joseph home seller kit


Barry from Big Picture is reporting that Americans came second to last among civilized nations in answering the simple question:

Is that true that “Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals”?


As you can see the heads of about 50% of Americans are full of crap, comparing to just few % in civilized countries like France or Japan. This just confirms the soundness of Republican’s favorite motto:

We don’t want Americans to become smart, we just want stupid people to vote for us


As you know, the Westboro Baptist Church was picketing the funeral of the soldiers killed in Iraq with messages like "God is America's terror", "Thank God for dead soldiers" and "You're going to hell". They suggest that God is killing our young boys in Iraq for Bush not being tough on homosexuals.

Just another illustration on how far the Church is from its founder, Jesus, who was teaching that love is above all. If the Lord of Hell is indeed alive, then Westboro Baptist Church is his messenger. Amen.

It's all useless, apparently. Yes, I love Jesus, but I know that I (and anyone else) will never get anything back for that. Don't be too pragmatic, my Christian friends. At the end you will be all together with Muslims, Buddhists and Atheists in the same place, wherever it is.

Though I always appreciate a good word or a link to my site.

Found online this one (see also this older post):
Apparently it says: “What the fuck those guys are doing?”

This caricature is on the same topic:

The conflict between free speech and religeous right is inevitable. Same way as muslims are burning the Danish flag for Mohammad caricatures the US is wiretapping phone calls of millions of its citizens. God knows what the computer database keeps about each of us, what we do, what we say, where we’ve being…

I think the only way to calm down Muslims (who’s feelings I respect second only to free speech), is to publish more of caricatures of Jesus, Moses and other jewish/christian pals. Like those:

This post also claims that the whole story might be set up by Mossad. We never know.

Nice article on Pat Robertson summoning the God to attack Dover for voting against “intelligent design”. Pretty funny.

If God is vengeful, he has better targets than the voters of Dover, Pa.

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