January 2006

It was a very good speech, I was pleased to hear it. But at the end it’s all bullshit. He didn’t mean it.

  • He didn’t mean it. He has no brain to write even a small part of this speech. He saw it for the first time today morning, he read it, he forgot it
  • He didn’t mean it. He’s a natural lier, his tools are hidden, he takes away our dignity, our liberty and our money.

There is a better way


This article tells the story that about 50% of americans are supporting being wiretapped in order to fight terrorism (also see here). Well, should we wonder? Yes at once, but if we remember that germans voted for Hitler, palestinians chose Hamas and russians embraced the bloody revolution, we should painfully accept that in public opinion war is often taking hand over peace, hate over love and fight over discussion. Even so-called “spiritual” people are often full of hate to anyone not belonging to their church.

Do I mean that the human is weak and angry by his nature? Not necessary so. But it seems that the human nature has the natural desire to follow the strong rather than the right. It was probably the way of survival looking millions years back. If the new chief killed the old one from behind, was it smart to keep faith to the fallen leader or to join the new one? That’s what our fathers always did, they followed the strong rather than the good.

So how to stick to our principles? The only way is to make those principles to look as the strength, not the weakness. The liberty and the democracy must be the strong words, and they should mean what they mean. And we need the new leader who makes those words to means what they mean. When Bush says liberty, he means slavery, when he says democracy he means the rule of republicans, when he says Constitution he means just a goddamned piece of paper. This man is killing America. We must get rid of him – the sooner the better.

The list of open questions of the domestic survellance program lists the actual number of people whose phones were wiretapped as a closely guarded secret. Seems like this amount will never be released until official Congress investigation, if ever, but we can make some estimates.

If we get back to this NY Times article and use some brains we can get some clue. We know that here were no efforts made to try to legalize the program officially and to pass the list through the special Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, even though this court is accustomed to massive privacy intrusions. Maybe there is no enough judges in the country to stamp all requests? Let see.

Lists of phone numbers appeared to result from the agency’s computerized scanning of communications coming into and going out of the country for names and keywords that might be of interest”. So it’s confirmed that the so-called “Echelon” program, which tracks 3 billion communications daily, is involved. As we’ve read from link above US citizens make only 200 billion minutes of international calls per year. So the addition of domestic spying to the already existing global program is just, technically, a drop in the ocean and does not require any additional computational resources. Add here that “most intelligence officers lacked the training needed to safeguard Americans’ privacy and civil rights”. No wonder.

Back to numbers, we know that F.B.I agents were passed “thousands of tips a month” to check. If the artifical intelligence is capable to sort, say, 0.1% out from total calls as suspected terrorists, then we can estamate that the total of inspected calls runs onto millions per month. How many people are affected? If we estimate that there is an average of 10 calls per month per person then we get 100’s of thousands of people, or millions every year.

What does it mean? If you, personally, made at least one international phone call last year, be assured that it was, most likely, recorded and stored in the computer database and will be used in various data mining requests for years to come.

You are likely to be watched watched when you read this post as well. The conclusion is up to you now.

There is an article that claims that Bush called the Constitution of US “just a goddamned piece of paper”. It’s pretty much in line with my understanding of his attitude, so I would not say that’s big news or something very interesting. But it might surprise those who don’t track politics closely enough.