I was extremely pleased with today Bernanke speech. Finally, instead of the regular Elmer Greenspan bu11shit I hear the words of the honest and responsible man whose mouth is not full of hair after kissing the Dubya Bush ass.

Now, after cleaning out our champagne glasses, I want to say to my fellow bloggers – we did it!

Bush came to his office 6 years ago when blogosphere was virtually non-existing. We, the people, lost badly then and our voices were muted. Two years ago, when blogosphere was still in its infancy – and we lost again. Now, when we are finally strong and we can fight – we did it!

Millions of people lined out this past tuesday to kick G.W. Bush into his stupid fat ass. I saw him yesterday on TV and his ass was swelling and it was red like a tomato. Not even a baboon has it so bad.

Me, and a million of my fellow bloggers, we give and accept congratulations for the great job we did for this country and its people.


I want to add a little bit more to the earnings analysis made by Barry @ Big Picture’s. He’s saying that though earnings of U.S. companies are growing at double digits, they are more concentrated in financials and energy.Bernanke

But let dig a little bit more on why earnings are so good. The problem is, the big concern of any corporation are the taxes. From any liability the corporation has to pay the tax is just waisted money. So the corporation has to balance between having to much earnings and waist money on taxes and have less earnings and see the share price to drop.

Now, the good way to decrease earnings is capital spending, i.e. investment into business growth. So, how strange it sounds, the taxes are actually promoting the growth.

As you know, the principal Bush agenda was to cut prices on riches to let the ruling class to monetize its political victory over American people on 2000 elections. And, as we found that taxes are promoting growth, the Bush’ low taxes are hurting the growth, making corporation to profitize the earnings, i.e. pay dividends and perform share buybacks instead of investing into the future.

You need more proof? Sure, there no need to go far. This article from Bloomberg is titled “Business Spending May Languish, Raising Risk of U.S. Recession”. Should I enlist Bloomberg into anti-Bush campaign?

Barry from Big Picture is reporting that Americans came second to last among civilized nations in answering the simple question:

Is that true that “Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals”?


As you can see the heads of about 50% of Americans are full of crap, comparing to just few % in civilized countries like France or Japan. This just confirms the soundness of Republican’s favorite motto:

We don’t want Americans to become smart, we just want stupid people to vote for us


Just to keep reference that CIA employed Ex-Nazis after WWII. There are two reasons for that.

  • First, America's participation in WWII was very limited and hence the sufficient amount of hate toward Nazis was not ever developed. I can't imagine any European nation from Russia to England to hire a Nazi
  • Second, as an Empire, U.S. was inheriting the German empire that just fell. And it was natural to hire well trained emperial soldiers

I'm glad to see that now even the Republican stronghold, the GOP, is joining the anti-Bush election campaign. Executive Director Mark Stephens is saying that electing Democrats in the Congress will accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Improve the fiscal responsibility of the Government
  2. Investigate the unwarranted and uncontrolled wiretapping of phone calls of American citizens
  3. Investigate the origins and conduct of Iraq war
  4. Bring those responsible to account

Assuming that 69% of population, sick and tired from president Bush, wants to do exactly that, I should say the GOP leadership is outlining the task to accomplish extremely well.

GOP, my heart is with you! 

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