McCain wants more of our troops in Iraq. I think that’s wrong.

We already had over 400,000 troops in Vietnam and we’ve spent 13 years there. And we lost. Iraq is different, but not that different.

What complicates the situation is not only that forces that we fight wear no uniform, do not display arms and do not speak English. The civil war in Iraq is a proxy war between Iran and Al-Qaeda. After the elimination of Saddam and destruction of Iraqi economy Iran remained the most powerful and influential country in the region. But unfortunately Al-Qaeda, which was almost finished after Tora Bora, got a new fresh battleground and resourceful sponsors in Iraq. Initially, when Al-Qaeda was founded by anti-Soviet forces during the war in Afghanistan, they were a pan-Muslim force. The blend of Egyptian and Pakistani fighters with American money and training created a powerful force that eventually won over Soviets. Bin Laden was working with both Sunni and Shia.

But now Bin Laden is dead. Al-Qaeda got new sponsors, Sunni and arab states, to fight against the raise of Iran. From pan-Muslim force they became Sunni and there is no way back. Probably that’s one of the biggest accomplishments of Iraqi war.

What to do? First of all we should not try to stand in between Al-Qaeda and Iran. That’s just stupid. We should pick sides. I understand that U.S. has long history of positive relationships with Al-Qaeda, but after 1998 and especially 9/11 they are no friends to us anymore.

Which leaves us to work with Iran. I think we have good bargaining chips on the table. Iran should stop its nuclear efforts, after all the bomb is no help against Al-Qaeda anyway. And we will help with their fight. After all, we need a stability in the region, and for this to happen one side should win. It’s better that we pick the winner ourselves and get something in exchange for help.

Unfortunately we can’t expect Bush to make anything positive. Not just what I propose – anything. Bush is very un-diplomatic person and also stubborn and “intellectually incurious”.  We should eye the next prez. So far McCain is proving to drifting us the wrong way. He is no good.

When Bush was asked what he thinks about the "most Europeans consider the United States the biggest threat to global stability", worse than Iran or North Korea, – he dismissed this as absurd.
What else would you expect from a reformed alcoholic who believes that US Constitution is "a piece of paper"?

My answer to this post, claiming that the latest Fitzgerald filing is invalidating the case against Bush, because uranium claim was not so important.

I'm sorry ma'm, but you have no clue. Nobody is suing anyone for leaking classified or rather quickly de-classified information. The event that triggered the investigation was the blew-up of the fake front company that was pretending to be an energy materials trader and operated on Pakistan and Iran black market, specifically focused on Iran nuclear efforts. The cover was blown up and the company ceased to exist.

The investigation was set to determine the source of the leak to cut hairy tails quickly. The Bush, Cheney and Co denial of involvement had suggested that there is a real problem with classified information. Someone somewhere just knows too much. That damages the whole net of operations, because you don't know what the other side knows anymore.

If the secret service knew from the day one that the source of the operation blew-up is just this stupid idiot Bush, they would cut the damage more efficiently than otherwise. But Bush went onto denial and misled them.

The crime is not the leak. Big deal, we know what kind of idiots are located in WH, so we can expect them to do stupid things. The crime is obstruction of investigation. This whole crowd: Bush, Cheney, Card, Rice, Hadley must be prosecuted for perjury and obstruction of justice, as soon as possible. Let them leak besides the bars.

Yesterday has probably to marked as the first day of the full fledged civil war in Iraq. I’m still looking for conspiracy theory explaining the bombing, but it is totally clear that situation is out of control, occupational forces will have to retreat back to safe bases and watch Iraq breaking into three separate states engaged in war among each other.

I would agree with this blog that the majority of population will not support and participate in civil war. The sectarian tensions are not the most important things in average Iraqi mindset. But those who will chose to participate could not be stopped by any force.

I’m predicting the large investments into national security in Turkey and Iran.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 (UPI) — The U.S. government is questioning why an Australian television network aired old images of Iraqi prisoner abuse after soldiers have already been tried.

Should we stop making movies about WWII because the war is over? Should we forget holocaust too?

This picture is 60 years old.

Reported here and here (and ridiculed by some moron here): the Cheney’s outing of Valerie Wilson (Plame) triggered the outing the chain of other agents working in Iran. The damage is possibly very huge – say thanks to Cheney, Libby and Rove.

It was also reported that the information about Plame was directly stolen from Bush morning briefings. Assuming those briefings are chewed enough to adjust for Bush intelligence, he was also quite aware of what was happening.

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