Mobile Site

That Guy Drinks Beer asked me to make an RSS feed that could be easily read from the mobile phone, i.e. includes the complete text of every post.

If you want to view my spring widget plese see it here:

New RSS feed

I want to offer you better content and have more control over RSS feed. For example, I want to add some content to my RSS feed that is not published at the site, like thie message.

So I’ve created the FeedBurner feed for the site:

Initially I was looking for some feed creator that will let me to make RSS feed not from the original website RSS feed but directly from HTML, which would let me to publish the complete content in RSS but still have the split-post feature used. I failed to find any solution to do that. So I would suggest you to re-subscribe to this new feed above instead of the original RSS.

The real life demands compromises. The traffic at the new site is less than here so far (here I had ~500 cl/day, there ~200), but the “quality” of the clicks is much netter. A lot of people are coming directly from the “” page and I’m sure they are very interested in what I’m writing. Here a lot of people are coming after googling for “stupid people”, “florida vacations” or “bear”. I don’t think they read anything.

About ads – they are quite annoying but please take into account that WSE is a for-profit enterprise. It’s different from me because I have a full-time job and I’m blogging to communicate with people and share ideas, I’m not interested to earn extra $20 from ads. For now I’m not getting anything because the readership is too low and there is nothing to share yet. But if new people will come I’ll get few bucks.