McCain wants more of our troops in Iraq. I think that’s wrong.

We already had over 400,000 troops in Vietnam and we’ve spent 13 years there. And we lost. Iraq is different, but not that different.

What complicates the situation is not only that forces that we fight wear no uniform, do not display arms and do not speak English. The civil war in Iraq is a proxy war between Iran and Al-Qaeda. After the elimination of Saddam and destruction of Iraqi economy Iran remained the most powerful and influential country in the region. But unfortunately Al-Qaeda, which was almost finished after Tora Bora, got a new fresh battleground and resourceful sponsors in Iraq. Initially, when Al-Qaeda was founded by anti-Soviet forces during the war in Afghanistan, they were a pan-Muslim force. The blend of Egyptian and Pakistani fighters with American money and training created a powerful force that eventually won over Soviets. Bin Laden was working with both Sunni and Shia.

But now Bin Laden is dead. Al-Qaeda got new sponsors, Sunni and arab states, to fight against the raise of Iran. From pan-Muslim force they became Sunni and there is no way back. Probably that’s one of the biggest accomplishments of Iraqi war.

What to do? First of all we should not try to stand in between Al-Qaeda and Iran. That’s just stupid. We should pick sides. I understand that U.S. has long history of positive relationships with Al-Qaeda, but after 1998 and especially 9/11 they are no friends to us anymore.

Which leaves us to work with Iran. I think we have good bargaining chips on the table. Iran should stop its nuclear efforts, after all the bomb is no help against Al-Qaeda anyway. And we will help with their fight. After all, we need a stability in the region, and for this to happen one side should win. It’s better that we pick the winner ourselves and get something in exchange for help.

Unfortunately we can’t expect Bush to make anything positive. Not just what I propose – anything. Bush is very un-diplomatic person and also stubborn and “intellectually incurious”.  We should eye the next prez. So far McCain is proving to drifting us the wrong way. He is no good.

Now, after cleaning out our champagne glasses, I want to say to my fellow bloggers – we did it!

Bush came to his office 6 years ago when blogosphere was virtually non-existing. We, the people, lost badly then and our voices were muted. Two years ago, when blogosphere was still in its infancy – and we lost again. Now, when we are finally strong and we can fight – we did it!

Millions of people lined out this past tuesday to kick G.W. Bush into his stupid fat ass. I saw him yesterday on TV and his ass was swelling and it was red like a tomato. Not even a baboon has it so bad.

Me, and a million of my fellow bloggers, we give and accept congratulations for the great job we did for this country and its people.


Former chief of staff Andrew Card tried but failed to convince Bush to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Maybe he didn’t find the right words? Let me try:

Mister Bush, please do me a favor, I know you can. Just get out of your presidential chair, take your big foot and give Mister Rumsfeld a big nice kick into his stupid fat ass.


I can only applaud Sen. John McCain for his opposition of Bush pro-torture stanza. As he knows what the torture is on his own proper ass, he is against it and is not afraid of the anger of Turd Blossom and Co.

I value his integrity and his hearty desire to be a good man in the party of assholes. But I still wonder – how come he is still a Republican?

Very nice article:

The last word has yet to be written by the last appeals court on whether President Bush’s electronic eavesdropping of Americans is constitutional.

By his own words, however, President Bush has rendered revealing insight into why he defied the law and ordered eavesdropping without a special court warrant.

Bush, it seems, has no confidence in the machinery of the U.S. democracy or faith in the heritage of lawful governance.

While her reasoning is subject to scholarly debate, Federal District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor was absolutely correct in ruling that President Bush and the National Security Agency are conducting unconstitutional wiretaps.

And the conclusion:

What’s involved here is not sluggish government machinery, but the president’s insistence that he has the right to ride roughshod over laws he deems to be an obstacle to his powers.

In other countries, isn’t this called a dictatorship?

This president is taking the nation down a perilous road. He created moral justification for attacking another nation on grounds that turned out to be spurious. He embraces secrecy as a code of conduct. He repudiates the right of the accused to legal counsel and formal charges. He has proclaimed his privilege to ignore at least 700 laws enacted by Congress.

Judge Taylor has done a favor to democracy by restraining this abuse of power. The nation will be even safer if U.S. Supreme Court jurists hearing the Bush appeal show the same stomach to block his contempt for the democratic process.

I want to add a little bit more to the earnings analysis made by Barry @ Big Picture’s. He’s saying that though earnings of U.S. companies are growing at double digits, they are more concentrated in financials and energy.Bernanke

But let dig a little bit more on why earnings are so good. The problem is, the big concern of any corporation are the taxes. From any liability the corporation has to pay the tax is just waisted money. So the corporation has to balance between having to much earnings and waist money on taxes and have less earnings and see the share price to drop.

Now, the good way to decrease earnings is capital spending, i.e. investment into business growth. So, how strange it sounds, the taxes are actually promoting the growth.

As you know, the principal Bush agenda was to cut prices on riches to let the ruling class to monetize its political victory over American people on 2000 elections. And, as we found that taxes are promoting growth, the Bush’ low taxes are hurting the growth, making corporation to profitize the earnings, i.e. pay dividends and perform share buybacks instead of investing into the future.

You need more proof? Sure, there no need to go far. This article from Bloomberg is titled “Business Spending May Languish, Raising Risk of U.S. Recession”. Should I enlist Bloomberg into anti-Bush campaign?

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