December 2005

It’s irresponsible and arrogant. 7 million of people are hostages of ambitions of few thousand. You can blame me here if you want.


As some blogs say there is no big deal in secretly monitoring the details of life of US citizens. After all the war on terrorism is more important than privacy, especially while the majority of the country, especially the South and other devoted Christians have nothing to hide. If we are under constant surveyance of God anyway – why should we worry about some few video recording devices in our bedrooms?

I don’t know. Maybe because I was previously made to beleive that this country is based on the principle of liberty as the cornerstone I make such a big deal of it? In fact, maybe the war on terrorism is already lost? If the basement of Constitution is removed – maybe its time to just disband this country into 50 different countries, where each person will pick the place where he has either liberty or war on terrorism, whatever he likes. 200 years of U.S.A. is quite enough, it might be time to move on…

This post says:

This women has repeatedly used the tragic death of her son as a tool to self-promote herself

Imagine: your son died and you know the person resposible for his death. Imagine that person is not running, not hiding, he’s actually totally ignorant of what he did, he is rich, he has bodyguards and lawyers and there is nothing you can do with him… except maybe pointing your finger at him and yell, and cry until your brain fails…

This nice post alarms that potentially anyone of us could be imprisoned at secret location for undetermined time without access to phone and lawyer. Should we already count United States as another “Axis of Evil“?

Condoleezza Rice voiced the new approach that a person can be considered a pre-criminal, i.e. a person who may potentially commit a crime, and arrested ant detained indefinitely to prevent him to commit that crime. The policy sometimes is even extended the way that the pre-criminal could be pre-tortured or even pre-killed to prevent him becoming a true, dangerous criminal.

Well, I can only appload, that should sure reduce crime, the way they define it.

The googlebomb was set to point the search “miserable failure” to the biography of Pres. Bush. Seems about right. The “failure” search is still trailing. His page ranks first in the related search. Here is the wikipedia article explaining the effect. More credits to this article pointing to the “I’m feeling lucky” search pointing directly to Bush, too. 3600 pages are pointing to GWB bio, how many of them use the word failure? I don’t know…