Today I want to post something completely different. 75 years ago there was the biggest battle in history of humanity – the Battle of Stalingrad. A rough estimate is for 2 million of total military deaths, maybe a bit less. For 199 days of fighting it would be about 10,000 soldiers killed daily, i.e. if you take our total losses in Iraq since 2003 of 3,923 soldiers – back then that kind of casualties would happen from morning till noon of one day.

I think I saw about 50 different movies about WWII, but if you want to get a complete feeling about that war I would recommend to see “Enemy at the Gates“. No other movie I saw would give that much of understanding of that war, in my opinion.

Essentially the battle of Stalingrad was all about oil (the same Greenspan said about Iraq war – that’s oil, stupid). Germans tried to get access to oil fields of south of Russia and they failed. From that point the Nazis were doomed and the rest of the war was just finishing the inevitable.

Today I just want to say two things. First, I want to wish everyone that humanity stops fighting for resources. I understand that the war can happen when neighbors are trying to dispute some land, that happens all the time. But when a powerful country attacks someone to get its oil it’s outright disgusting. Are we not strong enough to just buy what we want? Why should we kill?

And second I want to celebrate the German soldier. It was so many flowers for the right side that I think we need to pay some respect to those who were sent to fight for the wrong side, and they were fighting like tigers. They were not criminals, they were just good soldiers.

Look at the casualties. I will list only those countries that were the most furious fighters, and I list only military deaths:

Axis side

  • Germany 5,533,000
  • Italy 301,400
  • Romania 300,000

Allies side

  • Soviet Union 10,700,000
  • Yugoslavia 446,000
  • USA 416,800
  • UK 382,600
  • France 212,000
  • Poland 160,000

It makes 5,930,000 for Axis and 12,316,000 for Allies. In other words, it took a life of two Allies soldiers to kill one German. I think the Germans were the real heroes! I’m paying my respect to both sides…

P.S. In the light of those numbers please recall the movie “Saving Private Ryan“. There a group of 15 American soldiers was fighting against the similar group of Germans and the fight was pretty much equal. Think a bit. You take American rookies who are at real war for the third day in their life against German commandos that were fighting non-stop for the previous 6 years and they can fight at equal foot! Total nonsense! In real life it would take 40 or 50 Americans to have an equal fight against 15 Germans. You can’t learn history on movies like that…