Very interesting twist came from the wire. Recently several western financial institutions accepted the rescue from Far Eastern sovereign wealth funds.

The biggest European and American banks have ensured their immediate survival by selling large stakes to sovereign investment funds from emerging Asia and the Middle East. The trend reverses the wave of western investment into debt-laden Asian companies a decade ago

But now there is an interesting condition that I hope the dealmakers are aware of, as described here:

There is a significant error being made by these USA financial entities. They are looking at Asian investors as having the same mindset that North American or European investors have. That is a major mistake. You might be able to trash US or European investors and personally get away with it but that is not so with the new trillionaire Asian sovereign funds or personal Asian money.

So what is most important to keep in mind?

1. Transactions made in Asia are made with the individual in charge as MUCH AND MORE than the bank holding company that signs the contract. The CEO of the international investment bank taking this money is looked at as the entity they have invested in.

2. Do not waste, lose, and most importantly steal their money. Steal means take the funds under any false basis.

So what happens if you do something wrong?

The next story has to do with my friend and neighbor Nicolas Deak. He was a personality in the currency and bullion world, owning various US, Hong Kong and Swiss banks, dealerships and other financial entities.

Nicks bank in Hong Kong went broke with rumors of a 5th column in the staff there that had enriched themselves. Nick may have been a better entrepreneur than manager.

About a year later, a lady arrived at the office of Deak & Company on Broad Street. She first went into Otto Roethenmunds office and asked where Mr. Deaks office was. Before Otto could answer she turned and walked down the hall right past Nicks PA, and into his office. She opened her pocket book and withdrew a Smith & Wesson .357 and blew Nick away.

The police investigation revealed that she was homeless, and a formerly institutionalized mental patient.

She was well dressed and had just flown in from the coast. The pistol she used was brand new

Whenever you hear something in the news just keep this interesting article in mind