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Cramer KILLED ME!!!!!!! His comments on RIMM past few days 

First, after the bell on 11/12/07 he says “need more weakness before buying – see it at 80-90. Closing price $102.60…ability to sell RIMM in after-hours once he made the comment….$100.12. Which I DID SELL AT thinking that would be a good move and then buy it back at $80-$90.

Then the next day RIMM opens at $104+ and never went below. Then the same day he comes out saying buy RIMM in the below video.…*…

So I buy RIMM back at higher levels because of that video and his other comment on NOVEMBER 13, 2007 after the market had closed the day the Dow went up 320. – “Expect the market to be higher a week from now. See it as a short term reprieve before the woes come back. The retailers should go higher over the short term. Tech is back in the game for the next few days. Would start scaling out of the financials (not GS) .”

SO I buy back at $111 after he says that and now I’m way down. So I sold at $100.12 because he said too. I bought back at $111 after he says to buy tech (RIMM, AAPL, etc) in his video and his comments on MAD MONEY AFTER the bell had closed on the +320 on the DOW day.

Yea, he’s making us ALL MONEY!!!!!

Has anyone else had issues with Cramer and his advice? If so, could you please point a few out so I can write a letter to FORBES, CNN/, Barrons, etc. Thank you!

kayla 😦

Lunatics trading on lunatic’s advices