First, there was a lot of interesting comments for the previous post, here. Those comments compensated a for the fact that I was not posting too much. This week was a little bit complicated for me because I was unable to spot the next trend in the market and the economy. The bad and good news are contradicting each other.

Second, I was planning to write something about negative trends in the commercial paper market, but the Sudden Debt blog did it before me, so I just recommend to read that post.

Third, I was deeply puzzled how market reacted to the spectacular multi-billion write-offs by several investment banks. Somehow the reaction was like all the bad news are out of the door and we are running into the next boom, all the 1998 all over again.

And fourth, some time ago I loaded puts on Downey, Bank United and Homies. Those puts performed quite well recently, but all my other investments are stagnating, some profit here, some loss there. I’m reading the John Murphy book for some new ideas