I know it’s painful for some neighborhoods to lose jobs to offshore locations. But I believe into creative destruction that makes the effective distribution of productive power across the globe to be imperative.

Instead we better fix on the issue of education, making our educated workforce more competitive. It’s no secret that our educational system, though quite good and superior to most Middle East and African countries, is still trailing the systems present in parts of India, China, Eastern and Western Europe as well as other civilized nations.

Though we can probably throw even more money that we borrow from China into education I think those money are going into wrong pockets. Instead I propose a solution that will be cheap, effective, but painful, because I believe that painful problems need painful solutions. We need a legislation that will mandate that:

  1. Any public school (or a class within the same school) may expel any student who is scoring below 80% of this school (class) average score
  2. Any public school (or a class within the same school) must expel any student who is scoring below 60% of this school (class) average score
  3. This rule does not apply to the lowest scoring school (class) in given district

I know that we’ll have the protests of dumb parents and their dumb children, but we know that the majority will not be affected, so those protests will be ignored. As a result we’ll have just few years until best students will bubble up to the best schools and the doors will shut close to those unfortunate who are not worth the efforts, however cruel it could sound. I don’t think we can afford to waste the best teachers time and distract good students by having few dummies in the same class.