I’ve just read at “BP” that Jeffrey Gundlach, a veteran fund manager, publicly called at the pages of Barron’s that Greenspan is “out of his mind”.

What a spirit! I’m glad the understanding of Easy Al mental condition is finally reaching the respectable media. As I’m not a respectable media, I will say openly that Alan Greenspan is a stupid freaking idiot, absolutely talentless economist, a political hawk who made his way into major government position not through his talents (as he clearly lacks any), but through licking and kissing many important (mostly Republican) asses. He was the worst Fed chairman ever and a real shame.

His famous cryptic language was helping him to produce the impression of his special capabilities, and that worked, as most people in WH and Congress are not that well financially educated. In fact, after careful decryption, his words were usually pretty trivial and his ideas not much outstanding above the level of thousands of other economists. Moreover, when he dared to make predictions of the future all, or almost all his predictions were questionable immediately and absolutely wrong later.

I also should confess that so far my opinion of his successor, Uncle Ben, is rather positive. I’m not praising him, but you won’t find anything too bad about Bernanke searching back in my blog.

What a mess Greenspan made!