4 months ago I’ve published the list of areas that were hit but housing decline the most. Frankly, looking back to June, it was not too bad back then.

Let me revisit the housingtracker and give you the list of the trouble zones that declined by more than 3% since July:

  1. Baltimore -4%
  2. Boston -3.4%
  3. Chicago -3.2%
  4. Cleveland -3.5%
  5. Detroit -3.4%
  6. Long Island (many small cities) -3.7%
  7. Miami -3.3%
  8. Orlando -4.8%
  9. Salt Lake City -5.4%
  10. San Jose -4.1%

This list leaves behind some trouble zones that declined back in spring and not so much lately. For example, Washington, D.C. had declined by 6.3% from April.

Thanks Mr. Greenspan for all our joys!