The news release at says market is stable. Should we look at the numbers instead?

The median price of existing homes fell from its maximum of $220k last August to $209k in February. If you take into account 1% iflation it would be 6% price decrease. Some places do better, like Northeast, where prices increased. But that is offset by obvious sell-off on the West, where the $26k price decline from last November spells over 8% decline in just three months, inflation adjusted. You call it the boost? I call it sell-off.
I rather view that as a positive sign. The economy is not too bad now, and global prospectives are positive. It might be a good thing to take the hit now, which probably will not bounce us into recession. When the change is propagated down the food chain the economy will have enough speed to change the focus from brick an mortar business to energy efficiency, solar and wind power plants, fuel cells and stuff like that. People will borrow less and save more, which could also mean than more of national debt will stay home.

Do you still own that second vacation home?