There is a picture posted on Internet all around the place showing the man very similar to Bush-father, then undercover cia operative, right on the spot during Kennedy assassination. Posts here and here claim that George Bush does not recall where exactly he was at that moment, due to foggy memory.

Stop for a moment and think. Suppose a person at the bus station or cachier in the shop tells you – “President of United States was murdered an hour ago”. And then, few years later, someone asks you about your whereabout at that moment. And you just don’t remember. You totally forgot. It’s like that moment is not imprinted into your memory like a dinasaur step in the stone. Like it is not one of the most memorable moments in your life.

Can you beleive that? I can’t.

If you want something interesting to read for years to come, just bookmark the Google search “George Bush November 1963“, show this link to your kids and visit it every time you ask yourself the question “how this world works”. It should inspire you.