My answer to this post. Clinton was saying all kind of harsh words on Iraq, but he never ever discussed the possibility of full-scale invasion. He was bombing suspicious sites and enforced the non-fly zones – right things to do. There is a difference between words and actions. Clinton was practical politic, Bush is war criminal.

That was a politics to keep Saddam at bay and I totally support(ed) it. The Bush decision of invasion has nothing to do with WMD, with UN resolutions, even with Saddam himself – its reason is oil, and nothing but oil. And it’s a crime and shame to kill thousands of people to get control on their possessions (oil).

About Hillary. Many democrats supported the war. Some of them were brainwashed or mislead by the party of war, some of them belong to this party, and some of them also part of conspiracy. I don’t think Hillary had same level of access to intelligence as WH. Cheney and Bush had Wilson report that Iraq nuclear weapon claims are based on forged evidence in February ’02. Democrats learned that only in July ’03. I want to see either Hillary acknowledging that she was misled or better presidential candidate in ’08.