I want to join the concerns of fellow bloggers here, here and here about very dangerous development in Iran.

The first thing I want to see is the peace in the Middle East. The latest developments in Iraq war scandal was giving me the hope that the US aggression in Iraq in order to get control on oil using manufactured evidences will result in a political damage that will prevent the West from doing it again.

After all, we don’t consider possible anymore that Sun or IBM management will hire killers to remove Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer? So then we should not approve Bush killing 20,000 people to get better price for oil. It’s just not a proper way to do business. And I think the public opinion was drifting in that direction.

The only thing Iran had to do is to sit and wait until the next elections will replace US hardliners with moderates who value dignity in politics. But president Ahmaninejad blew it off.

I know Iranians are getting more and more educated, the students from Iran are all over the world, and the Iranian movies are now for rent in Netflix. I’d love to see Iranian bloggers to speak about this. Please, speak in english and post under “Iran” tag: we will hear you!