The discussion started in this and this articles is rather interesting. The point is – how is that happens that more and more of young people consider cool to wear T-shirts with people responsible for millions of deaths?commies

Before going to discussion I would like to put some facts straight. First, Boris Johnson writes:

Remind me: who was the greater mass murderer, Stalin or Hitler? Well, Stalin is thought to have been responsible for about 50 million deaths, and Hitler for a mere 25 million

Ok, I will remind you. The total death toll of WWII was about 50 million: 30 Russia, 10 China, 6 Germany …. 0.25 USA …. etc. Putting only 50% of that on Hitler is a clearly strange. Second, Stalin killed 50 million in 29 years while Hitler had spent murdering about 6 years. I understand that this doesn’t change the picture, but a little lie here, another lie there and all together it becomes The big lie. stalin

Maybe Johnson is twisting facts because Hitler was not a commie? Another fragment:

[Melita Norwood was] the most important British female spy ever recruited by the KGB. …. File after file she shovelled to her KGB handlers, to the point where she is credited by some with accelerating Russia’s acquisition of nuclear weapons by two years

Ok, she did. And then what happened – did Stalin use the Bomb? Can you remind me who actually did? How do we know that US would not use the bomb again and again? Maybe Melita Norwood actually saved millions of lives? Nobody knows, but the balance of power in 50s-80s made a very prolonged period of peace. It’s actually after soviets fell that the world started to be dangerous again…

Why is that the conservative press is bringing the commies arguments?
First step is to remind how bad they were, second is to point the finger to the political opponents. Aren’t Democrats closer to commies and Republicans defenders of society from them?

But let recall what kind of regime the Stalin dictatorship was. To summarize, the cornerstones are:

  • The concentration of economic power in hands of 10-15 super-sized government corporations
  • Suppression of all economic activities of people. Only government payroll money are legal
  • Suppression of any social activities of people, war on free speech
  • Prohibition of privacy of people. Criminalization of abortion and homosexuality
  • Domination of leading conservative ideology, which gained a religious status. Alliance of religion and state. Offence against other religions except the allowed one
  • Keep people fearing of external enemy. Justify the violation of human rights by the need to protect against this enemy

Just to keep facts straight – if you cover the word Stalin as the author of this program and try to substitute his name first with Clinton, second with Bush – tell me, which one fits better?