In 40 AD the emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus “Caligula? appointed his horse as consul. Another 1965 years later GW Bush appointed his personal lawyer Miers into Supreme Court of US. Miers qualification is zero, education is second-rated, what matters is just her personal loyalty to Bush as he probably seeks her to cover his ass for the next 15 years, if anything of what he had done reaches the Supreme Court. What to do with that?

Some bloggers noted the apparent split in Republican lines on support of her. Don’t be fooled, this “right-wing is not pleased with her? trick is just making some Dems to vote for her, not Reps to do not. The liberals are facing the uphill battle against dominant opponent and there is no chance to win. You can sit down, stand up, lay down – no matter what you’ll be screwed. This animal house will get this horse. Learn to croak if you wish.