Look at this article of Robert “CIA agents slayer� Novak, which I found to be a good example of straight brainwashing. You can almost feel he’s trying to connect the water pipes to your head.

Essentially he’s pushing the blame for DeLay’s indictment to Democrats for not stopping the prosecutor. He also criticizes the Republican’s rule to resign if indicted. So it is like the Novakproblem is that Reps are too good and Dems are too bad.

The logic of the article is childish; the title is good for the worst of yellow press, so bias is beyond the intelligent level. My conclusion is that Novak is a very stupid guy, indeed. How he manages to make for living in the journalistic? Who’s paying Chicago Sun times for publishing such stupid things? Apparently, Turd Blossom and the likes do pay.

Hey Novak, why don’t you better go find a corrupted Democrat and use him as the example that they criminalize politics? The Republicans criminals don’t serve the job well.

Update. Just hours after posting this DeLay was indicted again, this time for money laundering. Novak was totally right – the Democrats are just off guards with criminalizing politics.