For me the current elections are so much different from the 2000 and 2004. I feel relaxed.

In the past, I felt like the country is attacked by the evil empire and the majority of population is cooperating with the aggressor.

This time, I have no negative feelings toward any of the candidates. They both are very decent people, deserving respect and capable to be among the leaders of this country.

What is driving my choice now, besides the obvious parallel with teh FDR, because the country is economically in the similar condition compared with 1930s and requires similar policies, is pure qualification.

What I see is that one candidate is very smart, definitively much smarter than I am. When I watch him answering questions I understand that I’m simply not capable to think that fast. He is also perfectly educated, better than I am. In him, I see what I want – a manager. A macro manager to lead the country. A micro manager to deal with every small issue, in complex or separately.

Then I see another candidate. First on all I doubt that he is smart at all. Maybe he is simply lost when he speaks to the camera, but it looks desperate. I can answer almost every question better than he does. Sometimes I feel that he has nothing to say and he simply squeezes out some meaningless word soup.

I also see how badly educated he is. His education is far inferior to mine. I don’t even compare him to another candidate’s education – that’s just a joke. I compare him to myself and I see that compared to me he is almost a high-school dropout. But I’m not running for president – he does.

I also see his judgement in action. The most important desision before elections is to pick a VP. And he chose the candidate even less qualified than himself. That is worrisome, because in order to be a successful president he must chose every single cabinet member to be at least 10x smarter than himself. And I doubt that he can.

Otherwise, he is a very nice guy and I wish him long and happy life. Somewhere away from the White House.

Please go and vote. That’s not only a duty, that’s more a privilege, one of those rare days when your opinion is worth more than zero.


The mounting losses from mortgage papers forced financial institutions to raise capital. While capital inflows seem to be healthy the dangerous trend is developing.


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